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Touchless Lavatory Door System
Our most interesting new project:   "Touchless lavatory door"
We have decided to give our full support to this issue, and have made a decisive invention in the field  "touchless operating". An approved patent has already been filed for this system. In the development of this touchless application, we see the enormous vote of easy integration into all kinds of cabin modules, and above all the possibility of easy integration into retrofit modules. That is the real advantage in our view.

The most important thing to remember here is the module "aircraft lavatory door", because touchless is probably the most interesting application in terms of hygiene. This concept is not only functional, but also safe from malfunctions. One example could be a passing trolly, or another person by trying to open the door, who could cause an accidental opening of the toilet door. Furthermore, this touchless door opening is extremely intuitive for the passenger to handle. Both inside and outside. Unlocking the door in an emergency case was of course also taken into account. The system is modular, so that additional functions can be controlled via the same interface.
In our opinion, this concept is the missing important building block for a holistic implementation of a contactless system.

Today, we are proud to present you our patented Aircraft Lavatory Touchless Door System.
Even after the Covid-19 pandemic, hygiene requirements have steadily increased. Bacteria-free surfaces etc. are just one example. When we speak about the lavatory, the touchless faucet has been around for a long time in Single-Aisle and Longe-Range aircrafts. A contactless waste flap is already being discussed. Also a concept of a touchless toilet seat.
But - who took care of the sensitive area of ​​the lavatory entry door in particular, a component that every passenger attacks? (whether the passenger washed their hands or not). This component was really never considered.

A huge advantage of our system: it is particulary suitable for the RetroFit market for updating existing fleets (however, it is also absolutely conceivable for integration into series modules). This is exactly where we focus our attention.

After several announcements in the past we are now ready to present it to you in function, and we will present this live at next AIX Aircraft Interior Exposition in Hamburg in Mai 2024.
This system is particularly characterized by:
  • suitable especially for RetroFit applications Part 145, as no stress-related modifications required;
  • any lavatory type Boeing or Airbus or other;
  • configuration according customer request as:
- individual programming of certain action parameters,
- individual technical configuration, design features like placards, symbols etc. ;
  • integrability into existing on-board electrical system, therefore no separate supply required;
  • emergency door opening by flight attendant and authorized personal;
  • open BUS-system for further applications;
  • our property patent.

We hope that this article has aroused your interest and we look forward to your lively feedback and especially to your visit to our stand 6E80/E (common booth with Hanse-Aerospace e.V.) at the AIX in Hamburg at 28 - 30 May 2024.

Watch the video of our touchless lavatory door system
Remark: the design features in the video are only Mock-Up applications. The aim of the video is to show you the concept and how it works, but not to offer design-relevant final solutions. The technical part behind the scenes is almost the same in every configuration.
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